Nutritional and Exercise Guidance

"You will either step forward into growth or
backward into safety."

Abraham Maslow

"I came to Dr. O'Brien feeling like a very small, unintelligent, weak person after suffering 20+ years of verbal and emotional abuse from my father. I have also suffered from depression for 15+ years. Dr. O'Brien helped me see that the things that my father said to me are not true. She has shown me just how strong I am (emotionally). She has a way of drawing things out of me, in a very comforting, understanding and non-judgmental way, and helping me analyze them even when it is difficult or painful to do so. I have learned, with Dr. O'Brien’s help that I am very strong, intelligent and can be successful in my life. Thank You Dr. O'Brien" - A Patient

Just as we recognize how exercise benefits our overall health, it is equally important to mention how our nutritional habits affect our mental and physical health. It goes without saying that both exercise and nutrition work together in unison to achieve the same goals (e.g., manage a healthy mental and physical balance between the mind and the body to nurture life). It is implementing both to empower the individual that sometimes becomes a challenge.

An overall assessment of physical, nutritional, and mental health is taken to provide the individual with the most comprehensive understanding of his or her current overall health. If needed and requested, both nutrition and exercise instruction is provided to help cultivate a healthy mental and physical lifestyle, conducive to the needs of the client.

Exercise and Nutrition Program Designs

Exercise and nutrition programs are obtained through a one-on-one meeting and prescribed to meet the overall unique needs of the individual (e.g. lose and/or manage weight, better control moods/stress, modify the effects of -- or recover from -- medical conditions or surgical procedures, such as by-pass heart surgery, stroke, cancer, or diabetes).

Individuals are more likely to succeed if they are part of a program with supervised activity and monitored reporting of progress. Follow up meetings and assessments are encouraged and help the client maintain consistency as well help accomplish their overall health and fitness goal(s). All programs are custom designed and available online after an in-office consultation.



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