About Dr. O'Brien

Courtney Linsenmeyer-O'Brien
MHR, Licensed Professional Councelor, PhD

"I have made so much progress with Dr. O'Brien’s help and guidance. Last year I was a different person! I was so sad and insecure and ANGRY and hurt. Dr. O'Brien has taught me so many things, I’m not sure I can name them all. Now I am so much more confident and at peace. There is much more balance to my life now, and I know that with my strong will and determination (OK, and stubbornness) things can only get better from here. And my relationship with my daughter continues to grow and improve. I couldn’t have done any of this without Dr. O'Brien’s help, understanding and reassurances. Thank You Dr. O'Brien" - A Patient

Dr. O'Brien has had 10 years experience in the exercise and physiology business as a business owner and health consultant within a medical setting. She spent those years successfully designing rehabilitative, training, fitness and nutrition programs for clients.

After getting a Masters degree at the University of Oklahoma and a PhD specializing in the field of Psychology, she continues to work in the private sector as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Oklahoma, helping those who struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other challenging mental health issues within the areas of sexuality. Cognitive Behavioral therapy and interpersonal approaches to therapy are used to help facilitate and direct behavior change and promote overall life balance. Dr. O'Brien works with all populations and those ranging in age from 18 years old and up.

Dr. O'Brien maintains a strong belief that mental and physical health are interrelated and should not be separated. For more information on mental health, please visit Dr. O'Brien's Web site dedicated to treating anxiety and depression.


In addition to specializing in treating anxiety and depression and family, individual, and couples counseling, Dr. O'Brien's specialty is providing nutritional guidance and designing customized exercise programs for her clients.

Dr. O'Brien firmly believes that exercise and proper nutrition have many psychological and emotional benefits. Among them are:

  • Gaining confidence. Meeting exercise goals and/or challenges, even small ones, can boost your self-confidence, and getting in shape can make you feel better about your appearance.
  • Taking your mind off worries. Exercise is a distraction that can get you away from the cycle of negative thoughts that feed anxiety and depression.
  • Getting more social interaction. Exercise may give you the chance to meet or socialize with others. Just exchanging a friendly smile or greeting as you walks around your neighborhood can help your mood.
  • Coping in a healthy way. Doing something positive to manage anxiety or depression is a healthy coping strategy. Trying to feel better by drinking alcohol, dwelling on how badly you feels, or hoping anxiety or depression will go away on their own can lead to worsening symptoms.
  • Learning how to take control over parts of your life to facilitate overall balance and restore hope and direction.
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