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"My therapy with Dr. O'Brien has given me the tools I need to help balance my moods and feelings and to move my life in a positive direction while living with an anxiety disorder. Working with her has given me self-confidence and has provided me with the self-esteem I needed to move forward with my life. Thank You Dr. O'Brien" - A Patient

Health and Self-Image


Your self-image is your mental picture of yourself, both as a physical body and a person. When you think about yourself, the feelings and images that come up are important. A healthy body image means that you see yourself as you really are, and that you feel good in your own skin. Self-image also involves your emotions about your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Because everything we do in our daily lives involves both the body and the mind, our self-image can have a strong affect on our overall health and well-being. Self-image can change as we age too, because our bodies change constantly as we move through life.

Exercise Program Design

Exercising greatly enhances your self-esteem and mental outlook while reducing stress. It is never too late to start a work-out program to best build toward your goal of improved self-image, and always too early to stop exercising. Exercise is necessary for your physical and mental health. Sudden, seasonal, bursts of energy towards getting in shape come and go with the ever-changing weather. What is important is that maintaining some form of physical exercising, beyond your every day cycle, helps reduce anxiety while building emotional strength. How? One theory suggests that endorphins, a chemical the pituitary gland produces during vigorous exercise, improve your mood. Regular exercise also decreases the risk of heart disease and cancer, and there seems to be a connection between these illnesses and depression.

Nutritional and Exercise Guidance

Just as we recognize how exercise benefits our overall health, it is equally important to mention how our nutritional habits affect our mental and physical health. It goes without saying that both exercise and nutrition work together in unison to achieve the same goals (e.g., manage a healthy mental and physical balance between the mind and the body to nurture life). It is implementing both to empower the individual that sometimes becomes a challenge.

For more information on exercise and nutritional guidance, please visit Dr. O'Brien's Web site dedicated to developing a healthy self-image.

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